People Are Celebrating Their Divorces With Vacations

They're calling them “start-anew-moons.”

Current estimates suggest that about half of Americans’ first marriages end in divorce.

While this statistic may not be reassuring for the “til death do us part” set, it seems to be bolstering the travel industry.

Travel agencies are reporting an uptick in people going on vacation after a divorce, according to Travel Weekly.

Blame it on “Eat, Pray, Love,” or the idea of using travel as a “reset” button, but a divorce is as good excuse as any to gather up a group of friends and go for an escape.

Typical post-divorce travelers are generally groups of women in their late 40s or early 50s. They tend to prefer all-inclusives or cities like Las Vegas, New York City, or New Orleans. Travel agents have started calling these trips “start-anew-moons,” according to Travel Weekly.

Hotels and resorts even offer packages that specifically cater to the post-divorce crowd.

Breathless Resorts and Spas in Cabo San Lucas offer an “Untying the Knot” package that includes a ceremony wherein vacationer break a pinata decorated with a picture of their ex. There is, of course, plenty of champagne, a spa treatment and perhaps even a room upgrade for the new divorcee.

And for those who want to embark on one last vacation with their partner before dissolving the marriage, the Divorce Hotel in Amsterdam will kill two birds with one weekend. Guests check in with their partners and then 48 hours later emerge as exes.