People are sharing their work-from-home set-ups and it looks cosy

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle

It’s inevitable; we can’t stop sharing our everyday experiences on social media despite working from home (WFH). So while governments around the world have instructed a partial lockdown and curfews, people are finding creative ways to stay connected with friends, as well as setting up their home offices.

Some of us are fortunate to have a proper workspace or room. Others have migrated to the living room or beds. Wherever our setup is at home, it seems like a lot of us are practising comfort and discipline.

We take a peek at how you’ve been setting up your home offices.


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(PHOTO: Jehan Miskin)

Jehan Miskin, actor

“Working from home be like...

It seems like I need a bigger table”

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#dudukrumah #day2

(PHOTO: Yuri Wong)

Yuri Wong, Music Producer

“A live looping jam on partial lockdown. Stay well and keep your spirits high my friends.”

(PHOTO: Dawn Jeremiah)

Dawn Jeremiah, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce

“My home is my sanctuary - I turned a spare room into a home office for days when I work from home or for when I work odd hours doing calls with our offices in Europe and the US. My apartment is rose gold, marble and turquoise-themed and I love quirky posters. I work in travel e-commerce and that means looking at data and analytics on a daily basis, so it's important to have a big screen, I might actually get a third one soon!”

(PHOTO: Galvin Tan)


Galvin Tan, Business Owner

“When WFH, I have my own dedicated place to work from. It’s a small desk with my notebook for office work, and a desktop beside it for leisure - mainly comprises of games and social media.”

(PHOTO: Aaron Yip)

Aaron Yip, Lifestyle and Gaming Editor

“I’ve got a PC that I built myself, a 4K HDR gaming monitor and a SecretLab chair because my WFH room is actually my gaming room (or my man cave lol). The laptop is a HP ZBook x360 G5 workstation.”

(PHOTO: Linus Chung)

Linus Chung, Filmmaker

“I have always worked from home and my setup is three screens so I can communicate on social media, watch a video on YouTube and type at the same time. Other than that, on my table, I have posters and toys that inspire me. There is a small balcony just outside my room, and I can always look outside and not feel trapped.”

(PHOTO: Priya Selvakumar)

Priya Selvakumar, Legal Counsel

“Working from my actual home was too challenging... there’s Netflix/Indian dramas/sports channels that my parents are watching, and they were too loud. I am fortunate though; I could escape to my aunt's place. It's serene. It's idyllic. And that sofa is not as comfortable as it looks so I couldn't nap.”

(PHOTO: Sherelyn Goh)

Sherelyn Goh, Managing Editor

“It's peace and quiet at home. My necessities are my laptop and a cup of green tea or water and a cushion to prop my laptop. Dogs included as random distractions when they wake up from their nap.”

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