Penny Tai to kick off world tour in Taipei

8 Jun – Penny Tai is set to embark on her world tour, and her first stop would be Taipei.

On 6 June, the Malaysian singer-songwriter shared the good news on Instagram, writing, "We have been worrying about gains and losses for a while and almost forgot the freedom to go everywhere. But fortunately, no matter how many gains and losses we have, being grateful always allows us to find a reason to start."

"This time, it is no longer whispers around the surroundings. I want to bring a box full of stories to sing and chat as I like and ride the wind to meet you," she added.

Penny also revealed that her decision to start her tour in Taiwan is because "Taipei is where my music started."

The upcoming "Penny Tai 2023 Drift World Tour" will be held at Zepp New Taipei on 14 July, making it her first concert show in seven years in Taiwan.

Penny also revealed that she plans to tour various parts of the world, including Asia, North America and Australia, and plans to end the tour in her hometown Malaysia.

Penny is excited about embarking on a tour again
Penny is excited about embarking on a tour again

(Photo Source: Penny Tai IG)