Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby Shares His Vacation Workout Routine, Airport Pet Peeve, and Go-to Travel Products

And we’re remembering it all for our next trip.

<p>Courtesy of Cody Rigsby </p>

Courtesy of Cody Rigsby

Though we look to fitness instructors as our role models for living a healthy life, sometimes they even need to take a break on vacation.

"Either I'm being feral and partying and having fun and staying up late...or I'm going to the gym and taking care of myself and enjoying the pool or the beach," Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby told Travel + Leisure in a recent interview. "I don't think that we should limit ourselves to just one of those mindsets."

And if it's the latter, with the former Dancing With the Stars contestant leaning into a healthy vibe while away, he'll look to the Peloton app for workouts — just not his own classes. ("That would be so narcissistic!")

"Either I'm doing an outdoor run or some strength classes or stretching," he said.

"I am like, religious about using the Peloton app when I’m on vacation,” he added, mentioning Rebecca Kennedy and Andy Speer as his favorite instructors to try out, despite Speer’s “horrible straight taste in music.” 

Cody Rigsby

Aisle or window seat?

I'm a window girl.

Item you can't travel without?

I always want face wash when I get somewhere and forget [it] — and I hate washing my face with soap in a hotel. So Malin & Goetz has a travel size of their Grapefruit Face Cleanser and their Vitamin E Face Moisturizer. It comes in a dual travel pack that I always grab. Oh, and a sleep mask because I'm very affected by light and can't sleep.

Do you have a favorite plane snack?
I know that if you're on a flight, especially a long flight, you're going to want some foods that comfort you so I love grabbing either Takies or Cheetos and something sweet as well Sour Patch Kids or if I’m in a chocolate mood, I don't really go there, the brownie brittle maybe? I need a naughty savory and sweet snack just to have in case because it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Any tips for jet lag?

I think sleep is really important. You have to prioritize sleep.

Go-to plane activity?
If I can, I love to sleep. As much as I would love to be productive and get s--- done the internet never works. I’m usually watching movies, but I've been on so many flights this year that I've watched everything.

On the nutrition side of things, Rigsby prioritizes protein and hydration while traveling.

“I try to have at least 30 grams of protein every three hours because I get very hangry very quickly and protein is going to satiate me and keep me full,” he told T+L, noting that if he doesn’t have protein powder with him, (he opts for Vital Proteins) a protein shake is also a good option.

However, in the name of those two aforementioned mindsets, the fitness guru also takes his diet in stride by both "eating with intention" and "trash eating" when the moment feels right.

<p>Courtesy of Cody Rigsby </p>

Courtesy of Cody Rigsby

But despite being all about balance, there's one thing that's non-negotiable for Rigsby, and that's travel fashion.

"I feel like specifically in America, we've gotten a little comfortable at the airport. I really need us to show up not looking so raggedy all the time," he said. "I already have a vendetta against sandals in the city and I'm applying that same vendetta to sandals at the airport. I don't want to see a slide on, I don't want to see a flip-flop, I don’t want to see your toes. Put some socks and shoes on."

A few Rigsby-approved go-tos for a chic but comfortable look? Lululemon's City Sweat Pullover Hoodie, the matching sweatpants. and the brand's cityverse sneaker (to cover those toes obviously).

"You can be comfortable but like, look cute," he went on. "There is something fun about going to the airport so we should dress like we're going to have fun, but not like we’re going to bed in our own homes."

Thankfully the Peloton instructor — who teaches cycling, meditation, and more on the platform — isn't as strict when it comes to getting back into a healthy routine after a vacation.

“Let's not rush into working out or putting that expectation on you," he said. "Let yourself know that the first day back doesn't have to be the craziest, most extreme workout because you might not be ready for that.”

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