Part 5: True Singapore ghost stories, really

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Need we more introductions? After four previous stories from Ghostbusters, a shop specialising in dealing with the supernatural in Katong Shopping Centre, we hear more from Grandmaster Chew about the importance of honouring our ancestors.

Grandmaster Chew at Ghostbuster.
Grandmaster Chew at Ghostbuster.

A father’s plea

A long-time client of Ghostbuster walked into the shop one day to enquire about strange recurring dreams he had been having lately.

In his dreams, his deceased father appeared to pull his hand repeatedly while crying for help. At the beginning, he thought the dreams were coping mechanisms that helped him on days he particularly missed his deceased father, but when he started to have the same dreams for several nights in a row, he realised that something was wrong.

He decided to seek out the help of Grandmaster Chew. After explaining the reason for his visit, he asked Grandmaster Chew, “What is my father’s request? Why is he pulling my hand in the dreams?”

Grandmaster deliberated for a moment before replying “Your father has a tomb in Singapore right? Is this how the tomb look like?” He then sketch out the shape of the tomb for the client and described the tomb’s surroundings.

“My eyes have the ability to see what is wrong with anyone and what is obstructing a person’s luck. If I can see your father’s tomb so clearly, that means there is an issue there. In fact your father’s spirit is trapped within the tomb, that is why he has been appearing in your dreams and asking for your help!”

Chinese tombstone and offerings.
Chinese tombstone and offerings.

Upon hearing this, the client then invited Grandmaster Chew to visit the tomb and conduct special prayers. True enough, after the rituals were completed, he stopped having dreams of his father and his luck and business begin to improve tremendously. Since this incident, he has been a loyal client to Ghostbuster and even introduced many of his associates to visit Grandmaster Chew.

Ancestors taught him humility

Mr Lee operates a commercial renovation business with projects all over the world. He only came to seek out the help of Grandmaster Chew as his business was deteriorating rapidly and his business projects was facing obstacles and cashflow problems. His problems were so great that he had considered selling his Singapore condominium to continue financing his business.

Before seeking out the help of Grandmaster Chew, he sought out the help of several other masters both in Thailand and Singapore, but no one was able to help him. Upon a friend’s recommendation and out of desperation Mr Lee then decided to seek out Grandmaster Chew’s advice.

As he sat down in front of Grandmaster Chew, he begin to explain the problems he was facing. Before Grandmaster Chew had the chance to reply, he said to Grandmaster Chew in an arrogant and sarcastic tone, “Is your divination accurate? Are you really able to help me in my problems? If you can’t help my problems I will arrange for my workers to come remove your shop signboard for you.”

Upon hearing this, Grandmaster laughed out loud, and said to him: “My signboard has been around for many years, if you want to change the signboard, make sure you do a nicer one for me!”. Realising his rudeness, Mr Lee laughed meekly and proceeded to ask Grandmaster Chew for his advice.

Grandmaster Chew then used his heavenly eye and saw that Mr Lee’s ancestors were all following him, he proceeded to describe how Mr Lee’s Grandmother’s appearance and how Mr Lee had failed to make offerings to his ancestors, therefore his ventures faced many obstacles as he did not receive the support of his ancestors. He then proceeded to perform a ritual for Mr Lee’s ancestors.

Offerings to the deceased.
Offerings to the deceased.

Upon three weeks of completion of the ritual, Mr Lee managed to solve his business cashflow problems. Instead of selling his condominium to finance his business, he even managed to invest in another new property.

This content was produced in partnership with Ghostbuster.

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