How has the pandemic changed your experiences of home life?

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<span>Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA</span>
Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA

In the months since the pandemic began, our experience of home has, in many cases, changed profoundly. We would like to hear about these changes.

Perhaps you live in a studio flat with your partner, and have suddenly both had to work from home – how has that changed your relationship? Maybe you have a lot of flatmates who you have grown to know much more deeply due to time spent together during lockdown.

We’d be interested to hear from people who live in or close to their usual working environment – above a pub, for example, or on a farm. What has it been like living there during this period? As well as those who live in remote locations, and those who live in bustling cities (particularly if your living environment changed dramatically as a result of lockdown).

Share your experiences

Has working from home changed how you view your living space? Have you noticed things that you never noticed before (cobwebs, street noise, birdsong)? Was lockdown lonelier than you expected, or less lonely and busier than you could have anticipated? Did it make you want to change your housemates or make you appreciate them more? And is your plan now to move on, stay put or totally transform where you live?

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