Pakho Chau wants peace to be restored in Hong Kong

18 Nov– After removing all of his Instagram posts after being accused of supporting the Hong Kong independence movement, Pakho Chau recently returned to social media determined to show he is all for peace and prosperity.

As reported on Mingpao, on 16 November, the singer went on Instagram to post a quote from the President of the PRC, Xi Jinping, which read, "Ending violence and chaos and restoring order remain the most urgent task for Hong Kong."

He captioned it, "I hope that Hong Kong can return to its calm and peace, and restore the order it once had."

However, Pakho decided not to turn on the comments section, possibly to avoid from clashing views and heated arguments among the Hong Kong protesters and the One China Policy supporters.

It was back in July when Pakho found himself being unlisted from a music festival and his songs were banned from music sites in mainland China, following his Instagram post reminding Hong Kong citizens to register to vote.

Although the singer never actually insinuated his political stance, the more hardcore mainland fans accused him of supporting the Hong Kong protests because of the said post and called for a boycott - which led to the singer removing all posts from social media and announcing in August that he has always loved both Hong Kong and the motherland.

(Photo Source: hk01)