Pakho Chau surprised to win two awards from TVB

Heidi Hsia

14 Jan – Although he didn't win TV King, Pakho Chau can still be considered the big individual winner of the TVB Anniversary Awards - having bagged two accolades at the event held a few days back.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who was initially unwell when he made his appearance at the event, was smiling broadly at the end of the awards with his two trophies for Most Popular Male Character for his role in "Wonder Women" and Most Popular Drama Theme Song, "Allow Love to Fly High".

Speaking to the media about his double victory, Pakho admitted that he was pleasantly surprised since he only aimed to win the Most Popular Theme Song.

"I am very grateful. Thank you everybody. Thank you to the viewers," he enthused.

When asked if his next goal is to win TV King, Pakho stated that he never thought that far and is satisfied with his two awards.

As for his health issues, Pakho mentioned that he had gone to the hospital twice in the past few days due to a fever.

"But I am comfortable right now. I've been enjoying my night," he added.

(Photo Source: On CC)