Owen Cheung would support a sequel to "Finding Her Voice"

15 Nov– Although he hasn't heard any rumours about a sequel to his series, "Finding Her Voice", Owen Cheung stated that he would definitely love to reprise his role if such a project is to be made.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media about the supposed sequel, said that it is rare for him to be given the chance to work with a group of veteran actors like Chung King Fai, Ram Chiang and Hugo Ng, and that he would absolutely agree to do it again if there is a chance.

"I want to learn more from them. And if they are planning to hold a concert, I would love to participate as well," he said.

When mentioned that Hugo praised him and co-star Jacqueline Wong's performance in the drama, Owen said that he is thankful for the compliments.

"I was working with a lot of talented seniors. I am nothing compared to them," he said.

When mentioned that Jacqueline recently updated her Instagram status for the first time in seven months to express her gratitude that she didn't cause the drama to be shelved, Owen said that the actress should not continue to blame herself.

"Everybody should give her some space," he said.

Asked if he would persuade TVB to get Jacqueline for the sequel if there is one, Owen said that he is just a low-level artiste who has no right to make demands.

"Everything will depend on the company's decision," he added.

(Photo Source: Owen Cheung Instagram)