Owen Cheung says no to "Return of the Cuckoo"

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

19 Nov – Owen Cheung has recently dismissed the idea that he would be the better choice to play the character of Man Cho in the remake of "Return of the Cuckoo" instead of Hubert Wu.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB actor, who spoke to the media at the unveiling of a Christmas event at a mall recently, stated that he would not even dare to accept such a role - which was originally portrayed by Julian Cheung - as it was a classic and beloved by many.

"I spent many years trying to step away from the shadow of the moniker "Julian Cheung's duplicate". I hope my new drama, "Fighting" will enable everybody to see a new side of Owen Cheung," he said.

"Return of the Cuckoo", which was aired in 2000, stars Julian as Man Cho, a man who was rendered mute as a result of his mother's cruelty, and finds himself falling for his adopted sister, Kwan Ho (Charmaine Sheh) much to his adopted mother's displeasure.

On the other hand, Owen shared that he has been frequenting the gym to prepare himself for his said drama and finding the process extremely challenging.

"I didn't have enough sleep during filming in the day, but I also have to insist on going to the gym and eating 1kg of chicken. It's a lot of pressure," he said.

(Photo Source: Owen Cheung Instagram)