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Overpacker? Bring these genius foldable hangers — they're just under $1 each right now

If you like having vacay-outfit options, you may need to bring some hangers along — these doodads are here to help.

You've arrived at your sweet little Airbnb and you're eager to unpack and make yourself at home. But when you open the closet, there's one lonesome wire hanger staring back at you and your overstuffed suitcase. Savvy travelers know to pack some help. These popular Foldable Travel Hangers from Pansyling make excellent travel companions. Each one folds down to about 5 by 3 inches, so you can bring enough to hang every outfit. Brilliant! And right now, this 10-piece set is on sale at Amazon for just $10.

Open these travel hangers fully for shirts or halfway for bras or smaller garments. Or employ the clips to hang pants, skirts, towels and more from the included clothesline. You can even bend them to accommodate hats and purses.

$10 at Amazon

These hangers regularly retail for $17, this deal gets you these problem-solving doodads for over 40% off. Your price per hanger? A mere $1! Plus, you really get two products in one: They're hangers, but the set also comes with a clothesline and clips if your travel destination lacks a closet.

These hangers' swiveling arms have lock-up closures, preventing items from slipping off. Plus, they're versatile and strong. Best of all though, they're small enough to fit in any carry-on, so even with all your best travel outfits in tow, you can still fit quite a few of them for easy unpacking. The clips are especially great for hanging pants, and for glampers or Airbnbs with no closet at all, they make it easy to hang garments from the included clothesline.

person using compact, foldable hangers on a rack
Hang your entire travel wardrobe with these clever foldaway hangers. (Amazon)

Over 3,000 Amazon shoppers have given these hangers a five-star rating, too.

"Got me through a 30-day trip," raved a five-star Amazon reviewer. "We brought these hangers on a transatlantic sail. Used for hanging wet clothes to dry and just supplemental to the hangers provided by the ship. Very useful. Glad I bought them."

"So many hotels don't supply enough hangers and these take minimal space in a suitcase. Also great for the sink laundry because those crazy hotel hangers without a real hook just don't work. The little clips are handy for so many things in a hotel," wrote a satisfied customer.

However, one five-star fan warned that they're not totally perfect: "Used my travel hangers on my last vacation. They were a lifesaver for my clothes as there was a shortage of hangers in my room. Did not take up a lot of space in my suitcase. I would not use them for heavy items like jeans, otherwise, they worked as expected."

"Great items that you didn't know you needed until you didn't have it!" wrote another shopper. "Great for when your hotel, Air BnB etc does not have enough hangers but especially good for hand washing items & letting them hang dry. Just wish the colors were more neutrals & not baby color pastels."

If you have a lot of items you need to hang on your next vacay, this colorful 20-piece set is on sale at Amazon for $16.

Color-code your wardrobe with this 20-piece pastel set. Its 80 cents-each price tag will leave you in the pink!

$16 at Amazon

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