"The Outsiders" to have a movie remake?

11 Nov – It was reported that there will be a movie adaptation of the hit 2004 Taiwanese series, "The Outsiders".

As reported on Phoenix, the drama's director Ke Han-chen recently stated that they have already been working on the script of the movie version for two to three years.

"We have continuously been discussing with writers, since it is difficult to continue such a classic drama, making it interesting for the audience but also giving it something fresh," said Ke.

When asked if original stars like Dylan Kuo and Ady An will return, Ke said, "We have a selection of new casts, but of course we hope that the original cast members will be back. We hope to make a good combination between the new cast and the original actors."

"The Outsiders", which is called the "Taiwanese version of Young and Dangerous" is actually based on a novel by Taiwanese writer Luo Xin.

The series stars Dylan Kuo, Blue Lan, and Michael Zhang as three delinquents and best friends whose life changes upon meeting a girl named Yanzi (Ady An).

(Photo source: GTV)