New outlet, new goods at Hello Arigato Everton Park

Japanese-inspired café— Hello Arigato recently soft launched their newest outlet at Everton Park on 9 May 2023. Welcoming a breakfast menu and bombolinis (tell me I’m not the only one excited for this), Hello Arigato will be introducing several outlet-exclusive menu items.

Hello Arigato - Tamago Sando & Gyu Sando

If you are active on social media like Tiktok and Instagram, you’re likely to have seen these phat Tamago (S$14) and Gyu Sandos (S$26) at least once. Hello Arigato have made quite a name for themselves in the café scene with these decadent sandwiches. Cooked to perfection and sandwiched between two chewy yet soft slices of shokupan, it is no wonder so many rave about their sandwiches.

Hello Arigato - Japanese Milk Donuts & Kong Bah Sando
Credit – Hello Arigato

Living up to their sando pride, the new outlet will be introducing two new sandwiches and sides. The new sandos are the Whisky BBQ Katsu Sando (S$18) and the Kong Bah Sando (S$18) (pictured above). Given the excellent quality of their sandwiches in the past, customers can expect yet another mouth watering sando adventure.

Apart from fresh kitchen drops, Hello Arigato Everton Park will be launching the chain’s first ever Arigato Donut Bar presenting freshly made Japanese Milk Donuts. Spanning both sweet and savoury options, the donuts come in a wide variety of interesting flavours.

Hello Arigato does not fall short in their variety department. From local flavours like Ondeh Ondeh (S$6) and Kaya Butter (S$5.50) to Japanese-inspired ones like Kinako Soy (S$5), they have thought of everything. For those who prefer savoury foods, their Kani Cream (S$6.50) milk donuts sound like a promising option, too. 

During the soft launch, the Japanese Milk Donuts will be going at $20 for a box of 4 until 21 May 2023 (or till further notice). What better time to try these exciting, new treats out?

Head down to Everton Park to get first dibs on the outlet-exclusive items — I know where my next café hopping destination is.

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