Organic beauty brand Sén Natural launches a line of lipsticks in Singapore

<span>Sén</span> Natural in Red Light. (Photo: <span>Sén</span> Natural)
Sén Natural in Red Light. (Photo: Sén Natural)

With consumers being more aware of beauty trends and what goes in to products, we are now seeing a shift in homegrown brands creating organic, natural cosmetic products, without the added harsh chemicals. One brand that just launched in Singapore is Sén Natural, which is hand-crafted with sustainable cosmetic solutions. Its brand ethos include lipsticks designed in different shades of colour to complement beauty in all its forms: women of all shades, ethnicities and race.

Max-F. Scheichenost, co-founder of Sén Natural said, “We are extremely thrilled to announce the launch of Sén Natural. We wanted to create a truly inclusive cosmetic brand that caters to all women, and beauty products with an eye on sustainability and the future. More than just inspiring women with natural, hand-crafted and sustainable beauty products to stay true to their natural instincts whilst looking beautiful, we launched Sén Natural to empower women to be confident, courageous and move beyond their boundaries. We can only experience satisfaction in its purest form from our small personal rebellions when we push ourselves to the limits and do the unconventional.”

Commenting on Sén Natural’s expansion plans in the future, Scheichenost, said, “Over the years, the global beauty landscape has witnessed an increase in consumer demand for natural, organic and sustainable products. Tapping into this movement of conscious consumption, Sén Natural is targeting a remarkable growth and is poised to expand across Asia Pacific in due time.”

Launching with just six shades of lipstick: Mine, Mocha, Pop, Red Light, UnderState, VooDoo, Scheichenost is confident he will increase the product range in the near future.

Sén Natural products are now available at


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