One of T+L Readers' Favorite Resorts in the U.S. Now Has Wellness Retreats Timed Around the Solar Calendar

New yoga and wellness experiences put guests in sync with nature.

<p>Ryan Donnell/Courtesy of Castle Hot Springs</p>

Ryan Donnell/Courtesy of Castle Hot Springs

Need a wellness reset? Castle Hot Springsthe adults-only award-winning resort in Arizona's Sonoran desert known for its holistic approach to wellbeing, just unveiled its 2023/2024 lineup of retreats focused on putting "guests in harmony with the natural circadian rhythm to find their optimal health," according to wellness curator Colleen Inman, who developed the three and four-day experiences.

"Nature and the surrounding elements are so vital to the Castle Hot Springs experience, and with our new retreats, we consider not only the natural environment and temperature of the desert but also harmonize with the elements via the intentional timing of each retreat around the equinoxes and solstices," Kevin Maguire, the property's general manager, told Travel + Leisure.

<p>Courtesy of Castle Hot Springs</p>

Courtesy of Castle Hot Springs

In September and May 2024, travelers heading to Castle Hot Springs can sign up for a three-day yoga retreat, exploring different types of yoga and meditation practices such as Yin, a slower, meditative style of yoga, and Nidra, a deep relaxation technique. The customizable itineraries for both retreats include two wellness sessions daily — morning and afternoon, and all-inclusive nightly rates start at $1,800.

The resort's winter wellness retreats will take place from Dec. 3 to 7 this year and from Jan. 21 to 25 early next year. It will focus on breathwork, desert hikes, outdoor activities, energy tune-ups, and meditation. Classes include "Wellness through the Five Elements," teaching participants how human bodies and specific organs are connected to the elements of fire, wind, earth, water, and air; "Cosmos and You: Maximizing Your Etheric Element," based on Chinese BaZi Astrology; and "Balancing Your Personal Elemental Constitution," or how to live a more balanced life by adjusting your self-care practices and diet. This four-day retreat also includes two classes per day, and all-inclusive rates start from $1,650 for the December dates and $1,925 for the January retreat.

<p>Courtesy of Castle Hot Springs</p>

Courtesy of Castle Hot Springs

Between sessions, guests can enhance the experiences with dips in the resort's famous hot springs, desert hikes, stand-up paddleboard yoga, e-bike rides, and nutritious meals prepared with ingredients sourced from the resort's on-site farm.

The new wellness experiences are timed around the solar calendar for a reason, Maguire explained.

"The yoga retreats hit just before the fall equinox in September and then early in May, heading towards the solstice. In the fall, the tides change from an outward to an inward perspective, giving guests the opportunity to cut away from the external and eventually re-awaken in the spring," he said. "The wellness retreats are in December and January right around the winter solstice, which tells you about your aging pattern and allows guests to dive deeper into their roots and into deeper realms."

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