One of Marvel's future movies will feature a gay character

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Photo credit: Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Marvel Studios

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Note: This article contains minor spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo has let slip that Marvel is gearing up to introduce a new gay character in an upcoming film project.

We don't know a lot about Marvel's plans for Phase Four of the MCU just yet, but Russo has now promised that the studio will be confirming plans for a movie that features an openly gay character "pretty soon".

"We're gonna find out," he teased when he was asked about gay characters in the MCU in an interview with Entertainment Weekly's SiriusXM.

"You know, there is a gay character coming up in one of [Marvel's] films. I think Kevin [Feige] will make that announcement I'm sure pretty soon."

Photo credit: Image Group LA - Getty Images
Photo credit: Image Group LA - Getty Images

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There was also an insinuation that an existing Marvel character is already LGBTQ+, but it simply hasn't been revealed on-screen at this time.

When that exact question came up, Anthony coyly answered: "That’s a story for another day."

His comments come after he was questioned about his own cameo appearance in Endgame, which made Joe Russo's unnamed character the first openly gay person in the MCU.

"Yes, [first] openly gay character," he responded. "There's been insinuations about other characters' sexuality but this is the first openly gay."

Joe's character featured in a support group that Captain America goes to at the beginning of the film for people struggling to deal with the effects of Thanos's Snap, and he talks about going on a date with another man.

Previously, Marvel production chief Victoria Alonso hinted that the currently-casting Eternals adaptation could feature the studio's first openly gay superhero as she stressed that Marvel is committed to diversity and inclusivity.

"We are going to cast the best Eternals cast that we can, and when we're ready to announce it, we promise you we will," she said.

"Why wouldn't we be [committed to diversity]? Why wouldn't we be? I'm so passionate about this, I've got to tell you. Our entire success is based on people that are incredibly different.

"Why wouldn't we? Why would we only want to be recognised by only one type of person? Our audience is global, is diverse, is inclusive," she continued.

"If we don't do it that way for them, we will fail. If we don't put pedal to the metal on the diversity and the inclusivity, we will not have continued success.

"Our determination is to have that for all of the people out there watching our movies."

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Avengers: Endgame is out now.

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