Omzyn Cake Confectionery sells over 20 varieties of buns for $1, open only for 4 hrs

Affordable eats are few and far between but in Toa Payoh, at Omzyn Cake Confectionery, you can get your hands on old-school buns just for S$1!

Omzyn Cake Confectionery - Store front

Run by 73-year-old Ah Poh, the bakery offers packs of 2 to 4 rolls for just S$1. What adds to its uniqueness is that he has maintained this affordable pricing for over 2 decades. The stall is only open for 4 hours, from 4am to 8am every Tue, Thu, Sat, and Sun.

Omzyn Cake Confectionery - Coconut bun

Ah Poh personally bakes all 20 bun varieties daily. Indulge in the popular Coconut Bun (S$1 for 2 buns) with its soft and fluffy bread filled generously with grated coconut and brown sugar. Another crowd favourite is the White Lotus Bun (S$1 for 4 buns).

Omzyn Cake Confectionery - Curry Bun

Try the Curry Bun (S$1 for 2 buns) for a delightful experience. This hand-sized bun is packed with a flavourful yet subtly sweet curry, complemented by tender potatoes, making it an ideal bite-sized snack or breakfast treat. Other bun varieties include Chicken Floss (S$1 for 4 buns), Blueberry (S$1 for 4 buns), Hot Dog (S$1 for 2 buns), and more.

Omzyn Cake Confectionery - Newspaper clipping

Curious about Ah Poh’s expertise? He has dedicated over 6 decades to the baking profession, starting as an apprentice and later establishing his own business 30 years ago. Despite the passage of time, he remains committed to traditional baking methods, utilising a deck oven and steering clear of preservatives in the bread-making process at Omzyn Cake Confectionery.

Ah Poh starts his day at 12am where he single-handedly bakes over 1,000 buns before 4am. There are times when he would leave the bakery unattended when he’s busy in the kitchen. Customers would self-service and leave the money for the buns on the table.

Treats at Omzyn Cake Confectionery used to sell out by 8am, but with the recent surge in popularity, the buns are now gone by 6am! Nevertheless, the prices for the buns stay consistent.

Ah Poh shared with 8days that his goal is to earn sufficient funds to cover the expenses of ingredients and rent. The rental for the shophouse, which includes the upstairs flat, is approximately S$3,000.

Another reason for Ah Poh’s hesitation to raise prices is the presence of elderly residents in the neighbourhood.

“There are a lot of elderly folks living in the neighbourhood and some are really struggling. They can’t afford to even pay S$1 — this is the reality. Sometimes, I just accept a few cents from them or give them bread for free,” he shares.

Head to Omzyn Cake Confectionery today, but be sure to arrive early to secure your buns before they run out!

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