OMG Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea at Canberra Plaza sells pancakes, too?

Who doesn’t love small, cute foods? How much more so if they’re shaped like a cuppa bubble tea?! Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea has recently launched these absolutely adorable Yi Fang Egg Pancakes at Canberra Plaza. 

In the form of miniature bubble tea cups and embossed with Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea’s logo, these pancakes are extremely detailed. BBT lovers will recognise the signature jumbo bubble tea straws at a glance.

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea - Bubble Tea Pancake Concept Image

Made to order, these filled pancakes are very similar to home-grown Mr Bean Pancakes. The delicious fillings are encased in a light, fluffy pancake batter and cooked to perfection with a crisp exterior, and soft fluffy interior.

Currently, these adorable treats made with fresh milk and eggs are available exclusively at the Canberra Plaza outlet . You can choose between two flavours — the Signature Egg Pancake (S$1.30) and Taro Flavour Egg Pancake (S$1.50). If you are a fan of ornee, you will love the taro pancake, which is packed with a smooth, indulgent yam paste.

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea - YiFang fruit Tea & Brown Sugar Pearl Latte

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea’s other offerings, and the star of the show — their fruit tea! YiFang Fruit Tea retails at S$5.50 for the regular and  S$6.50 for the large size. They sell over 100 million cups in 50 cities worldwide.

This signature drink of theirs is a medley of pineapple and passion fruit jam, apple and orange slices, and baozhong tea. It is sure to hit the spot, especially with the recent heat and humidity in sunny Singapore.

Those with a sweet tooth, this one’s for you — their Brown Sugar Pearl Latte, retailing at S$5.30 for the regular, and S$6.30 for the upsize. Using only Meiji fresh milk and demerara cane sugar, the drink is not afraid to pile on the pearls and calories.

Whether you’re eager to try these adorable bubble-tea shaped pancakes at Canberra Plaza (I know I am!), or simply love bubble tea, head down to Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea before they’re all gone!

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