Olympic athletes’ fashion and life at Tokyo2020 via their TikToks

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Selected to vie for the coveted medal, Olympians all across the globe practised hard in the years leading up to the games. The Tokyo2020 Olympics, however, was threatened by the pandemic and had to be delayed, nearly causing it to be cancelled.

For the first time in the Olympics, the organisers have allowed athletes to use social media to document their time at the games. So if you are not following the athletes on TikTok, you are definitely missing out on the rare behind-the-scenes glimpses. Check out the must-see TikToks that Yahoo Lifestyle SEA has compiled, showing how the athletes enjoy the games and their style and fashion while away from the competitions.

Sam Fricker

19-year-old Australian diver Sam Fricker has been actively sharing with his 1.1 million followers on TikTok the Olympics’ behind-the-scenes, including collectable pins that he received and even flipping in a onesie.

To keep himself fresh and stylish, he also shared on TikTok a trip to the Olympics hairdresser. According to Fricker, they just need to show their Olympics accreditation and receive the haircut for free. “This is honestly the best haircut I’ve ever had,” the diver exclaims in his video.

Cody Melphy

Professional American rugby union player for the United States national rugby sevens team, Cody Melphy, shared how he and his team got ready for the team’s jersey ceremony on TikTok.

Doing his hair up, dressed in the team’s official polo shirts, and making their way to the photoshoot, Melphy’s video also showed his teammates getting ready and freshening up while the team prepared for their team photo. Like Fricker, Melphy also received an Olympic haircut, sharing that it was “an amazing experience”.

Kaito Streets

Japanese fencer Kaito Streets had brought his followers through a day in the life of an Olympic fencer in his recent TikTok video. Always immaculately styled, Streets was dressed in the red Japanese jersey coupled with ritzy sunglasses. His video also showed his entourage, all who are wearing a white dri-fit tee with “JAPAN” printed across the shirt.

However, his most popular TikTok was the one where he was hit in his groin and was broadcasted live on national TV. With over 5.9 million views, we are sure no one is going to let him forget this incident even in the years to come.

Suni Lee

The first Hmong-American Olympian, Suni Lee, shows off her gorgeous braided bun hairdo not just while competing but also in many of her Olympics behind-the-scenes TikToks. Despite the scrutiny on their looks and fashion at the Olympics, the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team shared that they did their own makeup and hair for the games, regularly helping each other out if a teammate needs assistance.

Showing off her Olympic gold medal in a TikTok, Lee was also seen finishing her amazing performance in a ​set of long, white acrylic nails, complete with the Olympic rings painted on them. “I can’t even open a seltzer can with acrylics on, and Suni Lee just won gymnastics gold with these nails,” a comment on Twitter reads, and we are sure we can all agree to this sentiment.

Rayssa Leal

Brazilian skateboarder Rayssa Leal, first gained attention when she was seven after videos of her skating in a tutu and jumping off tall structures on her skateboard was uploaded onto the Internet. Now 13, she is the youngest Brazilian ever to participate in the Olympic Games and is the youngest Olympic medalist in 85 years after earning a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Showing off some of her dance skills in between competitions, the 13-year-old’s stylish looks and groovy moves while wearing a Brazil jersey earned her over 6.8 million views on TikTok. The silver medalist also has a following of 3.5 million on the app and regularly ropes in her crew and friends in dancing videos while decked in different apparel with her country’s flag prominently displayed.

Ilona Maher

American rugby player Ilona Maher had gone viral with a few behind-the-scenes TikToks while her team was competing in the Olympics. One of them offers a glimpse into the team’s beauty guru, Nana Faavesi, who was helping to braid her teammates’ hair.

“When you only have one braider on your team,” her video wrote, showing how Faavesi parted, smoothed, and braided the women’s rugby team’s hair to perfection. “We would be lost without Nana Faavesi,” her caption shared. While the video is hilarious, having tight hairstyles such as braids help to keep the players’ hair in place and out of their faces, allowing them to stay focused at all times.

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