Old Chang Kee continues its Festive Bazaar after 2 year hiatus

After a 2 year hiatus, Old Chang Kee will be bringing back its Festive Bazaar 2022/2023 which will be held at Old Chang Kee HQ Carpark located at 4 Woodlands Terrace. The bazaar will be held from 24 Dec 2022 to 20 Jan 2023.

Old Chang Kee Festive Bazaar - Interior Shot
Credit- Old Chang Kee

The Festive Bazaar is known for its carnival spirit as well as featuring different stalls serving various cuisines for both dine-in and takeaway. You can also get your Chinese New Year merchandise, snacks, tidbits and frozen food here.

Old Chang Kee Festive Bazaar - O’My Darling Mobile Food Truck
Credit – Old Chang Kee

It wouldn’t be Old Chang Kee without its signature snacks like its Curry’O, Chicken Wing and Sardine’O. Located at their Old Chang Kee O’My Darling Mobile Food Truck, it also has new additions such as Nasi Lemak (S$1.90), Dry Mee Siam (S$3) and Chicken Porridge with Youtiao (S$3.50).

Old Chang Kee Festive Bazaar - O'den Stall
Credit – Old Chang Kee

Those who are craving something new can opt for the O’den Stall. Oden is a type of nabemono (Japanese one-pot dish) that consists of ingredients such as lobster balls, fish cakes and noodles that are stewed in a broth that ranges from chicken broth, tom yum and curry. Some of the toppings include Sea Urchin Ball (S$2), Fishball with Fish Roe (S$2) and Fish Roe Prawn Paste (S$1.90).

Old Chang Kee Festive Bazaar - Western Stall
Credit – Old Chang Kee

Western food lovers can opt for food from the Western stall that has options like Baked Chicken (S$7.90/S$8.90), Chicken Hotdog Bun (S$5/S$6), Fish & Chips (S$7.90/S$8.90) and Chicken/Fish Burger (S$6.90/S$7.90).

There’s also Old Chang Kee’s sister brand, Curry Times which serves signature dishes like the Curry Chicken Rice/Noodle/Prata (S$5.90), Curry Chap Chye (S$6.90), Fried Batang Fish Soup with Milk (S$7.90) and Beef Brisket Rice/Noodle (S$7.90).

Old Chang Kee Festive Bazaar - Frozen Food
Credit – Old Chang Kee

If you don’t have the time to stay and eat, you could always visit Old Chang Kee’s frozen goods stall, which has items such as Mini Sardine Puffs, Cheezy Chicken Balls, Gyozas and Sotong Balls.

Before you leave, be sure to snag some Old Chang Kee Chinese New Year goodies! Exclusively available at the bazaar are well-loved favourites such as Pineapple Cookies (S$12.80)Prawn Rolls (S$19.80) and Golden Seaweed Crackers (S$8.90). Not to mention, the bazaar is also free to enter, so it’ll be a great place to grab a bite or two and soak in the festive vibes.

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