Ofir Ventura Ventures Into NFTs as a Multifaceted Entrepreneur in Multiple Industries

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Building a business these days requires a lot of effort that many people will rather choose to focus on one business than own multiple businesses. People running multiple businesses or involved in multiple ventures successfully are somewhat outliers, and that is precisely what some entrepreneurs want for themselves for various reasons. For an entrepreneur like Ofir Ventura, building businesses is to create an impact in the world, and over the years, he has marked his presence in multiple industries. Since April 1, 2021 he has heavily and aggressively ventured into the NFT space.

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Ofir Ventura has his name etched on more than seven industries, from law to real estate, financial investments, technology, sporting agency, food and beverage industry, and casino-based content. Being involved in all these industries is no accident as Ofir is passionate about many things, and he decided to pursue all his interests no holds barred. He’s the owner of a mass tort law firm, a gas station and several food and beverage businesses. He is also a licensed sports agent and general counsel at his sports agency all while he is the main principal at MedElite Capital, a medical accounts receivables purchasing company. Ofir is also on the board of many software companies.

Ofir Ventura is living proof that one can be a jack of all trades and master of all. Beyond all his existing businesses, he’s set to make the headlines with his interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) also known as digital art. Over the last five months, he has increased his NFT portfolio by 727% to give him an early entry into the rising digital art niche.

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“Collecting NFTs has become something I genuinely enjoy. It makes me happy, and I believe it’s a worthy venture to help me further my cause in the business world,” Ofir said.

He’s known for donating ten percent of his annual income to charity organizations worldwide, and he has revealed he does that based on moral values and personal convictions rather than religious reasons. His business ventures are geared toward helping people improve their lives through direct employment, skills acquisition, investments, and other empowerment ventures. His passion for inspiring people to pursue their goals is another reason why he chases success in the business world.

“Positive energy and outlook toward life are things that I look out for in people. I believe the world will be a better place if everyone embodies qualities like loyalty and humility. Everyone has so much inside them, but we all need to treat one another better and focus on the bigger picture,” Ofir said.

On the NFT front, Ofir Ventura is collecting NFTs, collaborating with influencers, musicians, and athletes, creating his own NFT projects with serious utility, investing in NFT startups, creating his own NFT tech startups and building his project called CurArt (CurArt.io), an NFT management company for famous artists who want to take their real-world art and transform them into NFTs.

He has also recently launched Mixxed Bag NFTs (mixxedbag.io), a collaboration company that partners with influencers and celebrities to do the management, coding, marketing, etc., for NFTs.

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