This New Off-Road Camper Trailer Is Built to Help You Survive the Apocalypse

Mammoth Overland‘s latest trailer was designed for those who want to be prepared for anything nature could possibly throw at them—even a bear attack.

The Washington-based company has unveiled an off-road camping vehicle called the Extinction Level Event (ELE). Yes, the name is a little extreme, but if you’re in the market for a trailer that can get you and a loved one through a cataclysmic event, this is it.

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We’ve seen our fair share of gnarly off-road RVs around these parts, but the ELE, or Ellie as the brand calls it, is something else. The heavy-duty teardrop trailer was designed to withstand the apocalypse, according to Mammoth. The angular aluminum body is reinforced with steel armor and skid plates. If that doesn’t feel like enough, you can upgrade to Level 3 bulletproof armor, too. If you’re more worried about the threat posed by animals, the front of the trailer is equipped with a bear spray system that can be triggered from inside the cabin. The vehicle rides on a set of chunky all-terrain tires and is equipped with a swing-out kitchenette and a roof rack that holds adventure gear such as snowshoes, a shovel, and an axe.

The Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event's work and entertainment setup
The Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event trailer has a built-in workstation.

The ELE features two submarine-style doors that help keep the interior completely sealed and properly pressurized. The fully insulated cabin is spartan but comes with a bed and plenty of cargo room. There are some useful amenities, though, such as a workspace equipped with Starlink internet, a dual-band radio system, and a 32-inch TV, as well as a climate-control system for when the weather is rough. There are also a number of features that will keep you safe in even the most dire of circumstances, such as a medical-grade air-filtration system that can last for six months, a water-filtration system, and a night-vision camera and a roof hatch so you know exactly what’s going on outside. The trailer is also equipped with four 100-amp-hour lithium-ion battery packs to keep everything running. They can be recharged while you’re driving or via two roof-mounted 100-watt solar panels.

“We designed ELE to aircraft standards,” Mammoth president Scott Taylor said in a statement. “It can handle whatever campers might encounter, from bears, to wildfires, to social unrest, so overlanders can explore fearlessly.”

The Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event's swing-out kitchenette
The trailer’s swing-out kitchenette

ELE will make its public debut at the Overland Expo West in Arizona later this month. Mammoth is taking orders for the vehicle now through its website. The ultra-capable trailer is priced at $67,000, though bulletproof armor tacks on an additional $25,000.

Click here for more photos of the Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event Camper Trailer.

The Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event Trailer in Photos
The Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event Trailer in Photos

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