Obsessed fan tries to propose to Wang Luodan at public event

13 Dec – Chinese actress Wang Luodan was recently irked by a fan's daring attempt to propose to her on stage during a promotional event of her new movie.

As reported on World Journal, the incident occurred when Wang, who appeared alongside co-stars of "Gone with the Light" found herself being approached by a man in a black cap as her turn to speak came up.

The man tried to grab her hand and took out a small box before kneeling in front of her as she tried to move back and said "No!" repeatedly.

The said man was later escorted away by the security, while the other actors could only watch with shock.

Wang also seemed more annoyed than affected by the incident, as it was later revealed that the said fan had done this several times - appearing at events the actress attended and proposing to her or showing other disturbing behaviour. Other fans of Wang also stated that his behaviour has already caused much distress and trouble not only to the actress but to her team as well.

(Photo Source: World Journal)