You can now get a whole chicken at KFC Malaysia

You’re invited for a potluck dinner with friends, but you don’t have time to cook anything from scratch. So, what now? Bring a box of doughnuts? Boring. Order pizza? Typical. 

KFC Malaysia’s got your back. For a limited time only, you can get an entire chicken from selected outlets. Yes, a full chicken with all edible parts attached. Their Juicy Whole Chicken is bound to shock your party guests.

KFC - Juicy Whole Chicken promotional poster
Credit – KFC Malaysia

Customers can choose between KFC’s Original recipe or their Hot & Spicy flavour. Whichever you choose, KFC guarantees juiciness, tenderness, and crunch with each bite.

This new menu item is only available at 15 outlets nationwide. For Kuala Lumpur and Selangor residents, you can get yours at Kapar, Petron Setia Alam, Sri Gombak, Petronas Petaling Utama, Bandar Sri Putra, and Sungai Pelek. However, make sure you make your order at least 1 day before you intend to pick it up.

Each set, priced at RM49.99, is inclusive of 1 whole chicken and 1 coleslaw or whipped potato. If you intend to feed more than just yourself, I suggest getting more side dishes to complete the meal, unless you want your friends and family to only have one teaspoon of coleslaw each. Of course, no KFC meal is complete without their Cheezy Wedges.

KFC - Golden Matcha Balls
Credit – KFC Malaysia

KFC has also recently released their Golden Matcha Balls (RM7.99) and Banana Chocolate Balls (RM5.99) deep fried gooey goodness.

KFC - Wow Bucket
Credit – KFC Malaysia

If you just accepted a last minute invitation, fret not. You can still opt for KFC’s classic 6-pc Wow Bucket (RM45.99) or 10-pc Wow Bucket (RM75.99). Both buckets come with pieces of chicken, Spicy Nuggets, sauces, a Whipped Potato, and Coca-Cola. 

Head down to one of the KFC outlets mentioned above to try out their Juicy Whole Chicken before time runs out!

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