You Can Now Renew Your Passport Online — Here's How

The new passport renewal method launched this week.

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Renewing a passport is now as easy as a click away. 

This week, the State Department, which manages the distribution of passports, announced a new beta test of an online passport renewal program allowing travelers to virtually complete the renewal process.

However, only travelers who currently live in the United States and have passports that were issued between 2009 and 2015 will be able to renew online. Passport holders looking to change their name or date of birth will also not be able to renew online.

Travelers also need to have the ability to upload their own photo.

It's worth noting that once an online applications is submitted, a traveler's current passport will be immediately canceled, so those with international travel plans in the near future should not apply. The agency says they do not need travelers to mail their existing passport to them.

Renewing a passport online will cost $130 and credit card is the only acceptable payment method.

“We appreciate your patience while we test our system and prepare for a full launch of the updated online passport renewal system,” the State Department shares on the website about the launch. 

The processing time for renewing online through routine service is 6-8 weeks, however mailing time is not included, therefore it could be slightly longer. The online test does not provide the option for expedited or urgent travel.

For travelers seeking an urgent renewal, they are advised to make an appointment with a passport center for processing. The State Department has also published a helpful digital guide with videos that explains the process. 

For travelers without a passport and seeking one for the first time, the State Department has been hosting “Special Passport Acceptance Fairs” at various locations this summer to assist in the process. 

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