This is not a drill: Kendall Jenner is bringing back pedal pushers

kendall jenner alo yoga peddle pushers
Kendall Jenner's pedal pushers are hugely divisive@kendalljenner - Instagram

It's no secret that Kendall Jenner is always at the forefront of the latest trends. She was one of the first to champion the no trousers look, all the way back in 2022 no less, and while we initially thought her endless parade of teeny tiny thongkinis was just the perks of having a model bod paired with living in LA, turns out the micro bikini is ss24's biggest swimwear trend.

Call it the Kendall effect, if you will. When you're a confirmed fashion girlie with 294 million Instagram followers, everything you wear is destined to become a must-buy item. But with great power comes great responsibility, and the jury (AKA the Cosmo fashion desk) is seriously divided over Kenny's latest look. Namely, pedal pushers.

Yep, as in the calf-length trousers first popularised in the '50s and '60s before experiencing a Y2K revival. And given fashion is relentlessly cyclical, it seems inevitable they're due a mainstream return – at least if Kendall has anything to do with it.

Taking to Instagram to share pics from a seemingly impromptu photoshoot in a huge, empty garage (save for her convertible Jeep in the background), Kendall modelled a two-set from Alo Yoga consisting of a sports bra and high-waist cropped leggings that finished just below the knee. She paired the athleisure fit with a black oversized tote bag, black ballet flats and black rectangular sunglasses.

Kendall's 'fit follows fellow model Gigi Hadid's own attempt at a pedal pusher comeback when she donned a denim iteration last summer. Opting for similarly minimal styling, Gigi dressed hers up for an evening out in NYC in contrast to Kendall's off-duty balletcore vibes.

And while we – along with some of Kendall's followers – may be *seriously* divided, one person who did love her look was Camila Cabello. The artist took to the comments section to write, "pretyyyyy".

Uh oh, consider this your advanced warning, pedal pushers are coming back...

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