Noah Cyrus Comments on “The Disrespect” of a Resurfaced Miley Cyrus Interview

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The Cyrus family has made headlines for some recent drama surrounding Tish Cyrus' marriage after her split with Billy Ray Cyrus. Right when we thought there wasn't much more to it, fans picked up on a subtle nod made by Noah Cyrus in the wake of the famous family's alleged drama. The "July" singer commented on a TikTok featuring a clip from her sister Miley Cyrus' 2020 interview on The Joe Rogan Experience. "The disrespect in this video..." Noah wrote, per a screen recording that's circulating online.

Joe asked Miley about Noah's experience "growing up in her shadow" as a child star, noting that witnessing her fast-paced career firsthand could have potentially turned her off from pursuing a similar path.

"You either go one way or the other," Miley responded, adding that Noah "wants" to be in the limelight as a singer-songwriter. "She's got a record out that I love called The End of Everything… and it's the most depressing EP you’ll ever listen to," Miley continued.

At the time, Miley noted that Noah was only 20 years old and that she was an "emo kid." Joe then asked the Hannah Montana star if her younger sibling felt that way because she grew up "on the road" with her. "That's what it is," Miley responded.

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"She has a song where she says, 'My sister's like sunshine, it'll follow her wherever she goes. But I'm more like a rain cloud.' You know, it's like, she's really got this idea of me," Miley explained, adding that she and her siblings "go to the doctor" a lot to aid their mental health.

As the 2020 interview clip resurfaced, fans were quick to realize that Noah left the comment nearly three years later in the wake of her mom's remarriage. ICYMI, Noah and her brother, Braison, reportedly skipped out on the ceremony in support of their dad while Miley was a bridesmaid at Tish's wedding.

"She had three years to say something. She's only saying this 'cause the family is divided between her mom and her dad," a fan wrote on Twitter, per Page Six.

Another fan pointed out that her comment could potentially be misleading. "I'm confused… does she mean Joe was disrespectful or Miley or both? I feel like Miley was just being light/funny but also defending her like what."

It's unclear who Noah was referring to with her comment, but given her and Miley's super sweet relationship 0ver the years, all signs point to it being a misunderstanding. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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