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'No Botox, no peels, no fillers': Salma Hayek's go-to ingredient for ageless skin is in this cream, down to $9

Imagine being Salma Hayek — an award-winning actress and film producer, and a bonafide beauty icon. A red-carpet regular season after season, the 57-year-old never fails to blow us away, thanks to her seemingly ageless beauty. Wondering what the secret is behind her gorgeous complexion? The screen queen credits one buzzy ingredient in this cream for her glowing skin. You don't have to have a movie star's salary to bring home some for yourself: You can snag a jar now at Amazon while it's on sale for just $9.

This night cream contains Salma Hayek's secret weapon skin-care ingredient for youthful-looking skin.

$10 at Amazon

While the Del Indio Papago Night Cream has gone on sale off and on over the last few months, this is the lowest price it's been since Black Friday. Plus, $10 is a good price for a solid anti-aging regimen when you consider alternative methods.

Hayek has been steaming up the silver screen for nearly 30 years, but take one look at her youthful complexion and you'd think she was still an ingénue. There's no magic behind her flawless skin, just the bark of a tree, found in this cream.

"I use an ingredient called Tepezcohuite that's used in Mexico for burn victims because it completely regenerates the skin," Hayek told Elle. "Some of the ingredients, when I took them to the American labs, they were like, 'Oh my God! How come nobody is using this?' This is why I have no Botox, no peels, no fillers."

The Tepezcohuite tree is often called the "Mexican skin tree" because its bark is known to help regenerate skin and hair. As a testament to that, it was used to treat hundreds of thousands of burn victims in an earthquake and a gas explosion in Mexico in the 1980s when no medical supplies were available.

Not many American companies have caught on. Yahoo's senior beauty editor, Jennifer Romolini, tested out Del Indio Papago Night Cream and reported softer skin, though she found another product with an even higher concentration of Tepezcohuite that's possibly more effective on wrinkles.

Salma Hayek at a red carpet event
Could this Mexican cream make your skin look as timeless as Hayek's? (Getty)

More than 4,000 Amazon shoppers give the Del Indio Papago Night Cream a perfect, five-star rating.

"I read the Salma Hayek article and decided to give it a go," a reviewer said. "I have ridiculously picky skin (rosacea, sensitivities, etc.), and I don't get my hopes up, as most things I try either irritate my skin or cause breakouts. I have sun damage, fine lines and menopausal acne. Basically, I never know what I'll see when I look in the mirror. I've used this for three weeks, and so far, so good. No irritation, my skin is calm and hydrated, and best of all, no acne."

"In all of my decades of trying skin care products, Tepezcohuite has been the most transformative product I have ever used," declared an excited shopper. "In just a week's worth of use, morning and night, I see a noticeable improvement in my skin's tone, feel and texture. My 67-year-old skin glows again for the first time in decades."

One five-star reviewer reported: "I get the hype. It is an excellent moisturizer. My skin feels smooth and hydrated. Small lines are less noticeable."

"When I bought this cream, I didn't know anything about it," related an enthusiastic user. "I was pleasantly surprised at how it made my skin feel and the quality of the product. I will be 70 years old this month, and my skin looks 20 years younger."

Some reviewers mention that the cream does have a natural scent, but say that it doesn't bother them

"It's super thick and feels great on my skin," said one customer, adding: "It definitely smells like mimosa trees."

"I've only been using it for a month, but I'm finally seeing a refinement of deep forehead deep lines," said one four-star shopper. "My couple of complaints are the smell — unpleasant and medicinal. It's also 'gloppy' to apply. However, the price is very nice. I have ultra sensitive skin and have had no issues with Del Indio."

"The smell is a little intense but it doesn't linger," added another.

If you're after the full 24-hour experience of this skin cream, Del Indio Papago makes a lighter-weight version for daytime use.

This daytime cream contains Tepezcohuite powder, collagen and vitamin E.

$10 at Amazon

And if you're interested in Tepezcohuite, we recommend trying out some other products containing the ingredient:

"A higher concentration of [Tepezcohuite], plus a more natural formula at the same price point make this serum from Imagine Dermatology an obvious Del Indio Papago alternative," wrote our Senior Beauty Editor, Jennifer Romolini. 

$16 at Amazon

If you'd like to go full Tepezcohuite with Del Indio Papago, you can wash up with their bar soap too!

$8 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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