Nigel Ng promotes "The Haiyaa Special" after being cancelled in China

25 May – After joking about being cancelled in China in his recent stand-up, it looks like Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng has been... cancelled in China.

And being a comedian that he is, Nigel, most known for his character Uncle Roger, used the opportunity to instead promote his new stand-up comedy on social media, as he addressed the issue on his Instagram on 24 May.

"The day [has] finally arrived. [I] talk too much s*** and now all my Chinese social media suspended. [I] don't even know why. Is it because of this clip?" he asked, and played a scene from the promotional clip of his stand-up gig, in which he joked about an audience from Beijing and another one from Taiwan, then jokingly begged the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) not to "make him disappear".

The promotional clip had been popular on social media last week, when suddenly Nigel realised that he was unable to create new posts on his Weibo account, with a message on the page saying that he was blocked "due to the violation of relevant laws and regulations".

"Because Uncle Roger always talked s*** about everybody. It [doesn't] matter if you [are] BBC, CCP, or Jamie Oliver, nobody [is] safe. So niece, and nephew, if you find that clip funny, and you support free speech, go buy 'The Haiyaa Special'," he added.

Nigel then explained that the recording is from his previous tour, which he then added will be dropped on 4 June.

He then sighed and said, "Seriously, [my] social credit score [is] very low. Please go buy it."

(Photo Source: Nigel Ng IG)