Nicholas Tse wants to cultivate new talent in "Our Band"

6 Mar – Nicholas Tse has been named one of the musicians who will be involved in the upcoming reality show, "Our Band".

As reported on Mingpao, several new promotional posters were recently released by the show, which featured the three singers who will be responsible of finding new talents and establish a powerful band.

In the official poster, Nic could be seen clad in a business suit, which is tad different from his previous appearances on other reality shows.

He said, "I have been in the entertainment industry for many years, and my biggest regret is that I have not formed my own band."

Thus, the singer added, he hopes to create more opportunities for young people who aspire to be musician themselves and do his best to help them.

The upcoming show will also feature Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jam Hsiao as a "technical director", as well as Karry Wang as a "marketing president".

(Photo Source: Sina Cn)