Nicholas Tse collabs with Jam Hsiao, Karry Wang on "Take Care"

20 Feb – Nicholas Tse, Jam Hsiao, and TFBoys' Karry Wang have released a song in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

As reported on Mingpao, the three performers recently collaborated on the single, "Take Care", which was written in dedication to medical workers who are fighting on the frontline against the pandemic in Wuhan and other areas where the outbreak is at its worst.

Composed by Nicholas Tse, the lyrics were written by Cheung Cho Kiu, who is known for works like Leon Lai's "I Can't Forget You", as well as Twins' "Missing You".

With lyrics like "There are millions of emotions, but love is only one", and "let's meet again after the storm", many netizens expressed that they were moved by the song.

The three stars are not the first to release a song to encourage people during the epidemic. JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun started the trend with their song, "Stay With You", followed by GEM Tang who released "Ordinary Angel" last month.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)