ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik Finishes Shooting for ′Nine′ Amidst Praise from Staff

ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik will be leaving tvN′s Nine with high praise from staff.

Chief producer Kim Young Kyu said about Park Hyung Sik that he′s "an actor that matures every day."

Park Hyung Sik recently finished shooting his last scene, which will appear in the drama′s 19th episode to air on May 13.

A rep from Star Empire said on May 7, "Park Hyung Sik has been loved through his role as the young Park Sun Woo all this time. He showed his attachment toward the piece, saying he was able to mature thanks to the role. We′re sad the 20th episode will be the last. He will only appear up to the 19th episode, but he will be watching the last also."

Park Hyung Sik appeared as the young Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) from high school for the drama. He was a quiet character, who came to accept his future self after they came to meet through time travel.

In the May 6 broadcast, he even starred in a convincing chase scene, showing off his acting skills. He met up with his future self and saved his own life just in time.

Kim Young Kyu added, "We did not cast Park Hyung Sik because he was a member of ZE:A. We searched for Lee Jin Wook′s child role through a strict audition. Popular idols and actors auditioned under the same conditions, and we saw that Park Hyung Sik was similar in image to Lee Jin Wook. We also cast him for his acting skills."

"Park Hyung Sik had prepared a lot for his shoot," he said. "I could see how he was growing with Nine. Though he′s an idol, he has great potential to grow as an actor, and he is a very attractive rookie. He will definitely be successful."

The script for the last episode is currently out, and the producers are preparing a surprise twist in the story.

Kim Young Kyu said, "I was so surprised at the script that I asked screenwriter Song Jae Jung whether we really should do this. Nothing you can imagine will be like the real thing."

Photo credit: tvN

Reporter : Lee, InKyung (judysmall@cj.net)
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