Teenage Singaporean boy beaten up at Serangoon fitness corner

Eight teenagers aged 11 to 14 currently assisting in case, which police have classified as rioting

Three boys beating up a 15-year old boy at a fitness corner in Serangoon
Three boys assaulting a 15-year old boy at a fitness corner in Serangoon (Photos: Instagram)

SINGAPORE - A 15-year-old boy was conveyed while conscious to a hospital after being assaulted at a fitness corner in Serangoon.

According to a The Straits Times report on Wednesday (25 January), the incident happened near Block 201 Serangoon Central on 15 January, and the police was alerted of the incident at about 4.15pm on that day.

Police said that the case has been classified as rioting, and eight male and female youths, aged 11 to 14, are currently assisting in investigations.

Video circulated online

A 52-second video of the incident has been circulated online.

It showed the teenager being punched and kicked in the head while seated on an exercise machine. The boy fell to the ground as he was kept being beaten up by three other boys.

Cries of pain from the victim can be heard from the video while he protects his head with both hands.

Someone off-camera suggested to run if the police showed up. Another person questioned the three boys for taking off the victim's T-shirt.

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