'Running Man' Lee Dong Wook succeeds in a bungee jump

Kang Hye-In
'Running Man' Lee Dong Wook succeeds in a bungee jump

Lee Dong Wook successfully finished bungee jump.

On February 17th, Lee Dong Wook and Han Hye Jin appeared on SBS 'Running Man' as special guests, and the members began their journey to find the Nine Swords.

The members had to finish missions of sky jump, sky walking, and climbing to gain the three hint letters, but the members were to scared to do the bungee.

Lee Dong Wook just kept laughing when he saw 233m of height, and he looked hesitant to jump.

He made deep breaths, and failed to jump off a couple more of times.

However, he jumped on his third try, and saw the hind letter after he jumped, giving a help in accomplishing the mission.

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