Ruby Lin sheds innocent image through "Mother, Mother"

Heidi Hsia
Ruby Lin sheds innocent image through "Mother, Mother"

5 Jun – After playing many angelic roles thoughout her acting career, Taiwanese actress-producer Ruby Lin decided to take it up a notch by playing a role of an aggressive mother in her new drama, "Mother, Mother", Phoenix News reported.

Shedding her good girl image for a feisty character, Ruby plays Yu Rou, a struggling mother who takes extreme measures in ensuring her daughter Xiao Hong (played by Ni Ni), who is diagnosed with Bardet-Biedl syndrome, to have good health.

While working as a part-time taxi driver, Yu Rou eavesdrops on a conversation about the easy life of a rich man's mistress and decides to seduce the rich-but-impotent Jin (played by Huang Huai Chen).

Sharing several bed scenes with co-stars Kao Ying Hsuan and Huang Huai Chen in the drama, Ruby assured that the scenes are not that daring and that she had no need to show a lot of skin for it.

Comparing her role as Yu Rou with her own personality, Ruby said that they are quite similar and that she had a lot of fun playing the loud and obnoxious character.

When asked if she had any real-life experiences of a rich man wanting her to be his mistress, the actress smiled and replied, "You know I won't say anything."

As for "Mother, Mother" being her comeback drama in Taiwan for 2014, Ruby, who is also busy playing producer in mainland China, stated that she will continue to film one Taiwanese series per year like she had planned.