Rottyful Sky Kim Hanul Passes Away at Age 25

With the sudden passing of Ki Hanul (Rottyful Sky) at the age of 25, stars sent in their deepest condolences.

On August 8, Kim Hanul passed away at the Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital.

Despite what reports saying that a brain tumor was the cause, her agency stated on August 9, “On September 17, Kim Hanul visited the hospital after not feeling good. She was given basic treatment and returned home as always. While she was resting, she lost consciousness and was brought to the hospital on September 18.”

“During her transfer to the hospital, she stopped breathing and was given CPR two times. She was unable to gain consciousness. She stayed in ICU for about two days and was given tests and treatment. She was declared dead on October 8 at 4PM (KST).”

The statement continued, “Her family stated that a brain tumor wasn’t the cause of death like the media has been reporting. Although the final cause of her death is still unknown, the doctors declared her brain dead.”

Finding out about her death, members of the celebrity group, ‘Ha Mi Mo’ visited the hospital early on to comfort the families. Actress Um Ji Won, Yoo Sun, Kim Sung Eun, and Park Ji Yoon stayed by their loving dongseng’s side.

Condolences were also sent on the internet.
DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryeol wrote, “Rottyful Sky. Hanul. Go to a good place and be happy. Everyone, please send in your condolences.”

Rainbow’s Jung Yoon Hye and Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon also wrote on their Twitters, “We send our condolences.”

Big Bang Taeyang’s brother, Dong Hyun Bae wrote, “Hanul… We talked so much during Chuseok, so I’m a little blank right now. I’m sorry I couldn’t contact you often. I’ll always remember your bright smiles. You much have gone through a lot of trouble. I hope that up there, you’ll comfortably continue the singing you loved and be happy. Hanul…Hanul…”

Taeyang also tweeted, “I’m sorry Hanul.”

Kim Hanul debut in 2001 at the age of 14 under the name Hanul. She received a lot of love for her song, Gotta Be Kidding. Although her activities slowed down, she joined Ryu Si Won’s agency, R’s Company and returned in 2010 under the name Rottyful Sky. She recently worked with After School and Son Dambi, participating in the writing of their songs.

Her first and last self-composed piece will be Kahi’s upcoming comeback song, It’s Me.

The funeral will take place on October 10.

Rest in peace.

Photo Credit: R’s Company

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