Ricky Wong to turn HKTV into a production company

Ricky Wong to turn HKTV into a production company

21 Oct – HKTV's CEO Ricky Wong recently revealed that he is considering turning his business into a production company for television and film.

HK Channel website reported that at a forum held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong held on 17 October, Ricky Wong expressed that although he is baffled by the Hong Kong government's decision not to grant a free-to-air television license to his company, he is grateful for the support from the HKTV staff and his fans.

Ricky admitted that he had been too confident that his company will get the license and never had a plan B. However, the businessman stated that he may change HKTV into a production company and consider selling their completed dramas and scripts to mainland China or other overseas distributors.

Among the series that have already finished filming and are simply waiting to air include Frankie Lam's "Hidden Faces", as well as Al Wei's "Once Upon A Song" and "Hakka Women".

In related news, PCCW stated that they are planning to approach former HKTV employees that have been laid off by the company to offer them work.