Restaurateur apologises to Michelle Ye

Restaurateur apologises to Michelle Ye

17 Jun - The owner of a luxury restaurant in Shanghai has released an apology letter to actress-producer Michelle Ye after a bad service, Taiwan's On CC reported.

Previously, the actress wrote a post online, saying that she had experienced bad service while dining at Shanghai's M on the Bund with good friend, actress Monica Mok.

Michelle stated, "After finishing our dinner, they didn't allow us to walk in for drinks at 9pm."

The actress added that a service staff told them that they have to pay RMB 600 (approx. USD 97) or more worth of main dishes if they want to go in and even asked, "Are you able to afford that?"

Michelle Garnaut, the owner of M on the Bund, had later apologised to the two stars, saying that she was mortified after finding out about the situation.

In the letter, it was also assured that the staff involved was heavily reprimanded and stressed that everybody is welcomed to dine at M on the Bund regardless of their status and wealth.

Garnaut also invited the actress and her friends for dinner at the restaurant as her guests to show her sincere apology.

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