Meet one of Singapore’s biggest – and perhaps oldest – SNSD fans

47-year-old Kenneth Yeo is not who you expect to be a Girls’ Generation (GG) fan. The father-of-two is a self-proclaimed SONE.

Kenneth explained that SONE, pronounced as So-One, is supposed to represent GG and their fans becoming one. The name also means ‘wish’ in Hangul, the Korean written language.

As expected of all bonafide SONEs, Kenneth managed to snag the highly sought after tickets to GG's first solo concert in Singapore on not just one, but both nights!

"I'm crazy enough to go on both days," said Kenneth comically.

Initially, Kenneth was bothered by the looks people gave him whenever he revealed that he likes GG.

"Now I don't care about what they say anymore. I realised that, whatever it is, people will still judge you," he said.

"I've not been judged by my family and friends although they might think I'm a bit excessive," he added.

Kenneth hopped onto the K-Pop wave after listening to a song by Wonder Girls that his colleague introduced to him. On his own, he searched for online videos of Wonder Girls and stumbled upon GG.

"I heard Taeyeon sing "Can You Hear Me" and I thought 'wow this person can really sing'. So there on, I started liking them," said Kenneth.

"Of course, the nine of them are very pretty, but beyond the good looks, they are talented and very human," he added.

While he may be working full-time as a radiographer in a local hospital, Kenneth also has the job of a GG blogger on fansite SNSD Korean. Kenneth applied to be a blog writer by submitting two GG-related blogposts and was well-liked by other staffers.

In May, Kenneth was chosen to be part of the 23-man writing team and is the only writer from Singapore. He is also the oldest writer on the blog.

"I may be the oldest member on the team, but I'm not the oldest SONE!" exclaimed Kenneth.

 Watch a video of Kenneth speaking about his love for GG below.

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