Jung Woo Sung talks about E Jiah and Seo Taiji on ′Kneedrop Guru′

Jung Woo Sung became the nicest guy anyone could ever wish for in a relationship on MBC′s Kneedrop Guru, as he spoke up for E Jiah and their former ties.

On the December 6 broadcast of MBC′s Kneedrop Guru, Jung Woo Sung opened up on what people wanted to hear from him most: his former relationship with actress E Jiah.

As he had announced before the broadcasts aired that he would be talking about her and their relationship, it was only a matter of how and how much he would tell. He, in the end, was shown coming completely clean, and managed to touch on the parts the viewers were the most curious about.

He had said wisely in the previous week′s broadcast, "The reason I′m so careful around the issue is because I′m worried whether I′ll be able to talk about it in a wise way with wise words," and had added, "I want to correct the misunderstandings surrounding her."

In the recent broadcast, Jung Woo Sung said he had known of E Jiah and Seo Taiji′s relationship before the news hit the press.

"She was the one who told me first," he said. "She told me who it was on our trip to Paris. She said the reason she was telling this to me was because her heart was open towards me."

After appearing together in the drama Athena: Goddess of War, the two entered a relationship, and went public when they were caught dating in Paris. Soon after the reveal, however, E Jiah′s former marriage with Seo Taiji and her divorce went viral, leading the couple to break ties.

Jung Woo Sung said about the reason he had been attracted to E Jiah, "I wasn′t attracted to her because of her looks. I told her so, and I believe she was of the same mind."

He added, "We talked often on set, and by the time the drama came to a close we were open toward each other. She said she had to go to Paris, and so I thought it would be nice to spend time with her. That was the first time I had gone on a trip overseas with my girlfriend."

He then spilled, "The first thing I said after I heard that someone had taken photos of us was, ′Did the pictures come out nicely?′"

This meant that he wasn′t at all against making the relationship public.

"I was happy when she told me [about her past]," he said. "She had been surrounded by countless rumors, and I thought she had proof to counter them."

He learned that E Jiah had been wed to Seo Taiji, and that the two were engaged in an alimony suit just before the news was released.

He said, "She told me politely that she thought the news articles would be released soon. She told me in person, face to face. It had only been three months since we started dating; I thought there was really no need for her to tell me everything about her past. She probably wanted to tell me little by little, but she lost her chance when the articles were released."

Jung Woo Sung showed his consideration toward E Jiah to the end. He said that to him, E Jiah was a person who was smart in a variety of areas, a person who always wanted to learn and "a person who wanted to communicate with the world."

"She probably doesn′t have any friends in showbiz, since no one wanted to come close to her," he said, aiming his comments at those who spread and believed the rumors surrounding E Jiah.

"I heard a rumor that said everything that happened followed her pre-made plans, and I didn′t understand why people had to see her in such a twisted way," he said. "I thought I wouldn′t have much to say on Kneedrop Guru, but I came to think it was a chance for me to clear up the misunderstandings surrounding her."

He finished, "I really want to get her a meal. I want to comfort her and tell her, ′You′ve really had a hard time.′"

Photo credit: MBC

Reporter : Jeon Su Mi (ssue516@naver.com)
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