Jacky Heung breaks up with Race Wong

Jacky Heung breaks up with Race Wong

3 Sep – Hong Kong actor Jacky Heung has broken up with girlfriend Race Wong, over her pressure for marriage and his mother's disapproval of their relationship.

According to Jayne Stars, Jacky had publicly announced that he is no longer with Race on his Facebook when he changed his status to 'single', while a heartbroken Race posted an emotional online message, saying: "Heaven is crying", to show the end of their three-year-relationship.

Since they got together in 2009, the couple had been suffering several obstacles in their love life, first of all from Jacky's mother, who did not approve of Race because she was allegedly still married to her estranged husband in Singapore.

Despite trying her best to win over Jacky's mother by finalizing her divorce and recreating a new image of herself by entering into business school, his mother still has other plans for her son's upcoming acting career that did not involve marriage.

An insider revealed that as the former 2R member was reaching the age of 30, she had started pressuring the 27-year-old Jacky into marrying her, which created a point of contention between them as Jacky was unprepared for it and did not want to ruin his mother's 10-year plan for him as an actor.