Jackie Chan elected President of Performing Artiste Guild

Jackie Chan elected President of Performing Artiste Guild

17 Feb – After a lot of controversy surrounding the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild's presidential nomination, it was recently announced that international superstar, Jackie Chan has been elected the new President.

HK Channel reported that the actor, who was absent from the election, won majority of the votes to become the president, while Simon Yam, Stanley Tong, Maria Cordero and Michael Miu serve as the vice presidents.

Meanwhile, the recently resigned Astrid Chan was re-elected as the executive secretary, while Chin Kar Lok, Carlo Ng, Andrew Cheung and Lo Fu were named vice executive secretary.

This is not the first time Jackie was elected president. He had once served as the Guild's president many years ago, and was elected due to his reputation and influence within the showbiz.

However, the actor's election has triggered concern from some, who are worried that Jackie's busy schedule and his constant promotional tours will limit his availability and may result in inability to handle the Guild.

However, Eric Tsang assured that it will all be fine, saying, "Everyone is concern and have offered a lot of opinions, but we still believed that Jackie is the best to play the role. Jackie is not often in Hong Kong, so that's why he has a strong team to support him."