Jackie Chan admits to neglecting daughter

Jackie Chan admits to neglecting daughter

5 Nov – It is rare for Jackie Chan to talk about his private life, let alone about his past scandal, but that is what he did at a recent press conference for his upcoming movie, "Police Story 2013".

According to China News website, while discussing his role as a father who neglected his daughter at the press conference held on 30 October, the 59-year-old actor mentioned his own feelings towards his illegitimate daughter, Etta Ng.

Jackie, who has always refused to talk about Etta, talked about a scene in the movie where his daughter walked away from him, and expressed, "The story touched a part of me, especially during the crying scenes. I can't help myself but break into tears when filming scenes with Tian Jing because it will remind me of my Xiao Long Nu (the nickname given to his daughter by the media)."

"I have neglected her for the longest time," the actor added.

Actress Tian Jing, who plays the role of Jackie's daughter in the movie, stated, "The movie has a lot of crying scenes. Once, when I looked up, I saw Jackie burst into tears."

In 1999, actress Elaine Ng gave birth to a daughter whom she named Etta and claimed that Jackie was the father. Although he admitted to the affair, Jackie did not formally acknowledge Etta as his daughter, and described the affair as "a mistake all men make."

14-year-old Etta Ng is currently living with her mother.