Frankie Lam invests in film company

Frankie Lam invests in film company

20 May - It was revealed that Hong Kong actor Frankie Lam has secretly invested in Tony Wong and Rachel Lam's new film company.

As reported by Oriental Daily News, the actor, who attended the company's promotional photo shoot alongside Tony, Rachel, Ai Wai, Dexter Young, and newcomer Pink Chan, stated that he decided to invest in the company as he has full confidence in Tony and Rachel.

"We have known each other for a while. I fully trust them," he said.

When asked if wife Kenix Kwok has given him any suggestions about the new business, Frankie said that they always share ideas with each other.

As to whether he will sign Kenix as well, Frankie laughed and replied, "Then I have to sign my daughter too. They're like twins. Inseparable!"

In related news, Tony revealed that the company will invest a seven figure sum to produce a horror movie that will star a top mainland actress.

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