Fan Bingbing for "Iron Man 3"?

Fan Bingbing for "Iron Man 3"?

26 May – Mainland Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is the new name that has been added list of potential cast for Marvel's highly anticipated "Iron Man 3", although the likelihood that the actress will be casted is better than that of Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau.

According to Jayne Stars, DMG Entertainment, the Chinese arm that will be co-producing "Iron Man 3" with Walt Disney, has revealed that they have already contacted Fan Bingbing's agents and are waiting to begin talks for her to appear in the next instalment of the superhero franchise. However, Mintz said that they have yet to make contact with Lau, but did not deny the possibility of his future involvement.

Other than Fan, DMG Entertainment Group CEO Dan Mintz also revealed that they have already contacted Chinese actress Yao Chen and actor Liu Ye to take up other roles in the movie.

"Iron Man 3" is the first of 25 upcoming films that would be released in China. To penetrate into their vast market, DMG Entertainment would be incorporating numerous Chinese actors and elements into the film.

Currently, the scheduled release date for "Iron Man 3" in U.S. is May 2013, with shooting to begin sometime in late summer this year.