Ella Koon diagnosed with Bell's Palsy

Ella Koon diagnosed with Bell's Palsy

17 Sep – Ella Koon revealed that she has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.

As reported on Phoenix News, the singer recently captured the media's attention when she appeared at an event looking stiff on the right side of her face. She was also seen tearing in one eye from the strong spotlights.

Ella then revealed that she suffers from Bell's Palsy, a type of paralysis that resulted in facial drooping due to a damage of the facial nerves.

The singer pointed to the right side of her face and revealed that she cannot even blink her right eye, let alone make a lot of movement.

"It happened last week when I woke up to drink water and realised that the water trickled to the floor. I thought I had a stroke and was so scared. But after visiting a neurologist, I was told that one of the nerves was damaged," Ella disclosed.

"Aside from not being able to close my eyes, I also have difficulties eating and drinking water. I have to put on surgical tape on my eyes when I have to sleep and can't pronounce certain letters, like B and P," she said.

According to Ella, who has been having flu and fever recently, the doctor told her that it could be caused by a virus entering her nerve. In the meantime, she is taking steroid medication and may need at least three months to recover.

(Photo credit: ent.qq.com)