DSP Festival, 22 years of history condensed into 3 1/2 hours concert

Choi Hyun-Jung
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DSP Festival, 22 years of history condensed into 3 1/2 hours concert

DSP Media's 22 years of history was condensed into and presented as a 3 and a half hours of concert.

On December 14th, 'DSP Festival' was held at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in celebration of DSP Media's 22th anniversary.

A red carpet event was held prior to the official start of 'DSP Festival', and as if to prove the long history of DSP Media, a great number of stars made appearances on the red carpet.

Top artists of DSP Media, such as A-JAX, KARA, RAINBOW, Click B, 2SHY, SS501's Park Jung Min, Sechs Kies' Eun Ji Won, Jang Soo Won, and Kim Jae Duk appeared on the red carpet and said hello.

DSP Festival was opened up by KARA.

KARA performed 'Step', 'Lupin', 'Jumping', and 'Damaged Lady', and heated up the atmosphere from the very beginning.

A-JAX and RAINBOW took the baton from KARA, and performed their hit songs, including 'One4U', 'Snake', 'Crazy', 'Mach', 'Tell Me Tell Me', and 'Sunshine'.

The show was continued by the ‘old idols’ of DSP Media.

Click B's repertoire started with Oh Jong Hyuk's solo performance, and each members made performances together, or with their own groups.

It's been 11 years since all of the Click B members stood on the stage together, and they performed their major hits, 'Sky' and 'No Lose'.

The biggest highlight of DSP Festival was tribute performances that current DSP Media artists made for previous DSP Media artists.

DSP Media started as a company called Daesung Production, and they produced a great number of hottest idols, including FIRE TRUCK, ZAM, COCO, IDOL, Sechs Kies, and Fin.K.L. During the concert, KARA, RAINBOW, and A-JAX presented tribute performances for their seniors.

First of all, RAINBOW's Hyun Young and A-JAX teamed up and performed ZAM(Yoon Hyun Sook, Cho Jin Soo, Hwang Hyun Min, Shin Sung Bin, Kim Hyun Joong)'s 'I Never Stop'. Furthermore, RAINBOW's Jae Kyung and Go Woo Ri performed COCO(Lee Hye Young, Yoon Hyun Sook)'s 'Lately'.

Afterwards, A-JAX performed IDOL(Choi Hyuk Jun, Lee Se Sung)'s 'BOWWOW', which was of the biggest hits back in 1996.

KARA and RAINBOW teamed up to make a tribute performance for Fin.K.L, and they performed 'To My Boyfriend' together. Afterwards, KARA performed 'Eternal Love' and RAINBOW performed 'NOW'.

The 2nd half of DSP Festival was led by SS501’s Park Jung Min, and Sechs Kies members.

Not all of the original members of both teams could participate in the concert. Only Park Jung Min came from SS501, and Eun Ji Won, Jang Soo Won, and Kim Jae Duk came from Sech Kies.

The empty places of the other SS501 members and Sechs Kies members were filled up by A-JAX members, and they made a special collaboration.

Oh Jong Hyuk and A-JAX performed a medley of Sechs Kies' hit songs, and Eun Ji Won performed two more hits with Jang Soo Won and Kim Jae Duk.

Afterwards, KARA got up on the stage once again, and finished the show by performing 'Honey', 'Pretty Girl', and 'Mr.'.

After all of the repertoires were done, all of the performers stood on the stage together, and sang Fin.K.L's 'White' and Sech Kies' 'Couple'.

DSP Festival was a meaningful event which celebrated DSP Media's brilliant history, but the concert was not continued as smoothly as it should have been.

Some members made mistakes, and a number of sound system problems irritated the audience.

In addition, many fans showed great disappointment because only Park Jung Min from SS501 and only Eun Ji Won, Jang Soo Won, and Kim Jae Duk from Sechs Kies attended the concert. In case of Fin.K.L., Sung Yuri and Lee Jin sent celebration video messages, but none of them attended the show.

Furthermore, only 5,000 people attended the show because of an unexpected heavy snowfall and cold weather.

However, DSP Festival still bears a huge meaning.

So far, only artists who are still in management contracts could perform at other major agencies' family concerts. However, DSP Media invited artists who are now in contracts with other agencies, such as Eun Ji Won, Jang Soo Won, Kim Jae Duk, Park Jung Min, No Min Hyuk, Kim Sang Hyuk, Woo Yeon Seok, Kang Hoo, and 2SHY.

DSP Media brought another concept to family concerts, and many other major agencies will be inviting their previous artists to their family concerts as well.

Meanwhile, DSP Media will be donating profits from 'DSP Festival' to families who are in financial difficulties.

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