Bobby Chen's "Don't Come to Taiwan" comment angers mainlanders

Bobby Chen's "Don't Come to Taiwan" comment angers mainlanders

16 May – Taiwanese singer Bobby Chen has recently become the mainlanders' next angry target after making a comment about the Cross-Straits Service Trade Agreement, saying that he doesn't want mainlanders to come to Taiwan.

As reported on Sina, the veteran singer-producer recently expressed his thoughts about the trade agreement, and was quoted saying, "I don't think we [Taiwan] should earn more money, and I think the richest era that Taiwan residents had was abnormal."

"Some said that by refusing to sign the agreement, Taiwan will become marginalised. But why should we lower our quality of life? I disagree with signing it," he added. "I don't want the mainlanders to come here."

Bobby casually said that while he has a lot of mainland friends and likes them a lot, he often tells them that he will talk about unity "when they learn to close bathroom doors".

His statement quickly became a hot topic on the internet, especially on Sina Weibo, causing much wrath from mainland netizens.