Big Bang's song for "Transformers" animation

Big Bang's song for "Transformers" animation

19 Mar – It was revealed that Korean group Big Bang's song has been selected as the opening theme for the new "Transformers" animation series.

According to Dkpopnews website, Big Bang's agency, YG Entertainment, made an official announcement that the song "Feeling" has been selected as the opening theme song of the animation, "Transformers: Prime".

Big Bang's "Feeling", is an up-tempo song co-produced by DJ Boys Noize from Germany and Big Bang's G-Dragon.

This track is included in Big Bang's new Japanese album, "ALIVE," which is scheduled to be released on 28 March in Japan. The new album includes a total of 10 tracks including, "Feeling," and "Ego," which are not found in the Korean album; "Fantastic Baby", "Blue", and "Bad Boy", with Japanese lyrics written by m-flo's VERBAL; as well as a bonus track, "Haru Haru."

"Transformers: Prime" series will air in 140 countries. It will be broadcasted on various channels in Japan starting 7 April.

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