"Aberdeen" cast members affected by Chapman-Mainlanders conflict

"Aberdeen" cast members affected by Chapman-Mainlanders conflict

12 May – Being acquainted with Chapman To at the moment might be an issue for any artiste, as recently experienced by the stars of Pang Ho Cheung's movie, "Aberdeen".

According to Mingpao, not long after the Hong Kong director announced that he will not edit guest star Chapman out from "Aberdeen" and asked those who hate him to close their eyes during his scenes in the movie, it was revealed that mainland viewers have decided to turn their wrath upon the cast members instead.

Any updates about the movie shared by Louis Koo, Miriam Yeung and Gigi Leung are sneered by mainland Netizens, who state that they will only watch the actors in movies that will have no Chapman To in it.

Mainland Netizens also left vicious messages for the cast members, as well as to Pang for defending the outspoken actor.

Chapman To has been boycotted by mainlanders ever since he expressed support for the Taiwanese students' protests against the Cross Strait Agreement between China and Taiwan earlier this year.

When mainland fans expressed their disappointment with Chapman's stance and threatened to boycott him, he challenged them to stop him instead.